Strappy 90’s velvet and silk floor length bias cut dress

Product Description

SO let’s say Nick Cave called and asked me out for dinner and Susie Bick was cool with that and hubby gave me a dinner hall pass….this midnight, inky navy strappy 90’s velvet and silk floor length bias cut dress would be my gown of choice. If you’re not sure if you wanna be the siren or the cool kid…Saskia is sexily, effortlessly both and she has plenty of sass; in that Monica Bellucci kinda way that men with taste salivate over (tastefully of course). This dress is soooo out of control gorgeous. She’s cut amazingly, and is more delicious in the flesh. I had to light the pic a lot for you to see the detailing but the tailoring on her is truly superb. She’s a size 8 – 10 and slinky yet not unflattering since the gown has structure. The velvet straps are gorgeous too. She has a discreet zip in the side and originates from NYC. She’s fresh from the dry cleaner, in mint condition and $790 at Dolly.


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